Integrative Energy-Work

Integrative Energy-Work

In the Healing I work with your subtle bodies and chakras. By tuning into them I can read their energy and see the issues that need healing. Through opening, activating, charging, clearing and balancing each chakra a deep healing process is initiated.

The energy flow in the body is increased. Blockages and disorders on the physical as well as on the mental-spiritual level and negative inner belief patterns can be made conscious and dissolved. A process of self-healing is initiated and the life energy can flow freely again.

I combine therapy and energy work which is a very powerful way to open up and relase emotions that are locked in the body memory.

What the Healing can do:

  • let go of what is no longer needed
  • relax deeply and find inner balance
  • heal old traumas which was stored in cell memory
  • eliminate negative energies and blockages in your energy field
  • healing of relationship chords

The work with the energy field is very profound and works for diseases and complaints of all kinds, strengthens the immune system and accelerates your energy. The feeling of wholeness, strength and inner balance arises.


  • with any issues that needs healing which could be on the physical, emotional or spiritual level
  • in acute and chronic diseases, pain and stress
  • in burn-out syndrome
  • after operations
  • for psychosomatic complaints
  • in case of accident, surgery and trauma
  • in life and personal crises
  • to find and go new ways

My healing skills are based on the training at Medita (Barbara Ann Brennan), Essenzwork and the Multidimensional Healing Work with Solara AnRa and over 18 years long practice experience.


“I did not have any energy at all and I did not feel anything anymore, my heart was dry and I could not breathe, I was paralyzed and felt suffocated. After a healing session with Aloka, I feel myself again, I want to embrace the whole world and above all, Aloka, she has filled me up with the purest and strongest energy of the cosmos into every one of my cells, feeling reborn, one with myself and feeling love again, in fact she fixed me in only 1.5 hours where I have been at the end of my strength for 6 weeks, an incredible experience, I can not say how thankful I am. ” Dani, Munich (after a burn-out with panic attacks)                                  
“It was only one Session and very profound for me. I had a somatic “remembering” of my birth…which you guided me through. I have been integrating the insights from this for months! and it continues to ripple out in my life in healing ways, so I thank you for that. Much gratitude” Blanche from Scotland
“Thank you so much for your profound and deeply healing energy therapy which helped me release emotional blockages and strengthened my connection to higher alms.   Apart from that, I also greatly enjoyed your Rebirthing Breathing Sessions which I can highly recommend to anyone.”   Philip, Ibiza
“I had a wonderful session with Aloka. I went through deep healing and transformation of old wounds and limiting believes. I really felt safe and supported during the all process. She connected me to a past life trauma and helped me to release it. I also received beautiful and useful guidances. I am very grateful and really recommend her work.”    Corinne, Ibiza
“Aloka is a perfect channel to transmit messages that support your healing. Thank you, Aloka!”  Klana, Ibiza
“Thank you Aloka for the beautifull healing session. What you told me made me feel very strong and protected.” Zorah, Ibiza

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