Breathing Therapy

Breath-Therapy (Holotropic Breathing)

Holotropic Breathing is a very deep therapeutic technique, in which one through accelerated and deepened breathing with an open mouth while lying down can reach access to his subconsciousness as well as enter into higher states of consciousness, which initiate deep healing processes. Accompanying music supports the various phases of the process.

This form of breathing is also called Circular Breathing, Round Breathing or Rebirthing. The Holotropic Breathing was developed in the 1970s by Stanislav Grof, who has experimented with different levels of consciousness. He found out that by the simple means of using this kind of accelerated breath one can enter altered states of minds. Holotropic means “moving toward the totality”.

During the session I support and touch the participant at different points of the body, to draw attention and thus to allow the energy to flow more freely, so that the client can sink deeper and breathe through the various layers of body sensations and emotions that may arise in the process.

Since the body and our soul has its own wisdom, the breathing will just bring up to the surface, which is ready to be healed and which one is able to deal with.

During a breath session all levels of our being are addressed. On the physical and mental level it is a deep cleansing process. Emotions and body sensations can arise that are associated with unprocessed experiences and old traumatas, which are stored in the muscles and in the cell consciousness and can be integrated and cured through the breathing.
On the spiritual level one can open oneself to a transpersonal experience, perceive oneself as a spiritual being and receive deep insights into its human potential.

After the session the client ususally feels relaxed, blissed and deeply connected to himself .

The breathing can either be booked in a single session or as a participant of my regular group in Ibiza. Breathing Group


“I highly recommend Aloka’s one-on-one therapy sessions and breathing, it helped me on my way forward, and now specifically for breathing, I can say that it’s very deep for me, so it can really release blockages and it’s just a unique experience in the body to breath so much oxygen into the body, and the feeling of going on an inner journey while breathing, is something special for me, that’s what I love, like a little trance, without drugs and that helped a lot to release my blockages. ” (Beatrice, Ibiza)
“Thank you so much for your profound and deeply healing energy therapy which helped me release emotional blockages and strengthened my connection to higher alms.   Apart from that, I also greatly enjoyed your Rebirthing Breathing Sessions which I can highly recommend to anyone.”   Philip, Ibiza

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