Healing and Awareness

About Healing and Awareness

Healing happens when….

  • we can open up to a larger space within ourselves, from which we no longer identify with the negative parts within
  • we no longer react to old wounds and can now act consciously
  • we no longer identify with old problems and negative behaviors
  • old wounds and traumatas disappear
  • we have developed a consciousness that keeps us from falling into old patterns
  • we discover a space of self-love within us
  • our inner child feels safe and nourished through us
  • we take full responsibility for our life
  • we are no longer the victim
  • we can look into a positive and bright future
  • our creative potential comes alive again
  • when we experience an inner space of integrity and self-respect within us

Therapy or awareness work can help that you take a different perspective in your life. Bringing awareness to what is limiting you and what makes you suffer naturally opens a bigger space within you, the place of the watcher, where unconditional love, disidentification from the problem and true healing is taking place.

If we leave the often chosen role of the victimhood behind us, new and unimagined forces open up in us, which let us live a life with more self-love and self-acceptance. The more we understand that we are fully responsible for our lifes the more we can make conscious changes and live our truth. The more we stop living from our „history“ which we then project from our past to current life situations, the more we gain access to our inner clarity and true strength.

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