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Holotropes Atmen

Derzeit biete ich keine Gruppen Atem Sessions an.


„“Ich hatte während des Atems die erstaunlichste Erfahrung. Alokas Hände wussten genau, wo Sie zur richtigen Zeit berühren sollten, es war eine tiefe Heilungserfahrung. Danke.“ (Jessie, Ibiza)
“ With a small group of humans I was laying on the ground of a yurt and explored the depths of my inner landscape while breathing deeply through my mouth. In and out. Without pausing.. A very active way of breathing. I went to the class two times now. My experiences differ strongly from each other. Both were very strong. The first time i explored deep bliss and ecstacy in my body and energy field. I felt drenched in bliss. Expanded. So far into the space. I went through a process of understanding where my holding back lies. Where i am making myself small, Where I feel shame to be seen. How i want to keep myself small in order to fit into others peoples idea of me, followed by an understanding that this is a projection and ultimately my own idea or expectation of how i unconsciously belief I have to be. During the whole class Aloka offered wonderful support in this process. She gave me the permission to express myself in any way that it wanted to come out naturally. She encouraged me to fill the space with my expression. It was a very liberating feeling.
The second time was very different. And of course I had also felt different when I arrived. During the session I went through a lot of physical pain and discomfort. A strong sensation. Cramping. The pain was felt exactly in those areas where i already had backpain days before. Pain I see as a sensation. It can come in many different flavors and expressions. Despite the fact that it was very strong, it also felt necessary and throughout the process of the class an unwinding happened. Something uncoiled itself and gave room for more breath. A more spacious breath. softness came into my ribcage and the cramping and pains resided.

I am still figuring out what is happening during these sessions. It feels absolutely fascinating to me as the process itself requires one to be fully engaged, yet while „the doing“ is happening (the breathing) there is also a multiverse of being showing itself to the inner eye. Many different layers are perceivable. On the one hand there is this obvious physical experience. Then there is the mind, that observes and asks questions and gives itself constant status updates. It can’t quite comprehend what is happening. Each time I experienced a sense of „overcoming something“. A perceived struggle presented itself, whether physical or mental or emotional, then a period of working through this on all levels. And suddenly a releasing. Where the multilayers come together and form a sensation of wholeness.

A breath-giving experience“                               (Jenny, Ibiza)

 „Die Holotropic Breathing-Sitzungen führen immer zu interessanten, aufschlussreichen und inspirierenden Ergebnissen. Aloka bietet mit ihrer Weisheit und ihrem Mitgefühl stets eine warme, einladende und sichere Umgebung, in der man sich selbst erkunden kann. Jedes Mal ist es anders und jedes Mal ist es wie eine innere Reise. Ich empfehle die Atemsitzungen wärmstens und  ebenfalls Aloka als spirituellen Guide und als Psychotherapeuti. Ich hatte zahlreiche 1: 1 Sitzungen (Psychotherapie) mit ihr und jedes Mal komme ich meinem wahren Ich ein wenig näher, geführt durch ihre Weisheit, Herangehensweise, Freundlichkeit und Professionalität. Zögere nicht. Mach mit, atme und sei. “ Dave, Ibiza

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