Couple-Therapy / Counseling

Couple-Therapy / Counseling

Do you have conflicts in your relationship?

Then it is helpful to get professional help. Because the love that exists between you and your partner is often clouded by emotional injuries, misunderstandings and projections from your own history.

If we bring clarity into what is really happening and give both partners the space to express their needs, fears and frustrations, then a deeper space opens up in which love can flow again. You start to see the other for who he/she is and develop a deeper understanding, compassion and respect for each other.

This is the basis for a healthy, respectful and fulfilling love relationship.

“We have been working with Aloka as a couple and it’s been a deeply enlightenting and life changing experience. While her ability to listen and understand issues is great, her skill to help us understand the issues, as well as workshop actionable practical solutions is remarkable. She first helped us understand the source of the problems, by various methods that were adjusted to our individual communication styles and way of expressing ourselves. Then she helped developed out skills and tools for moving forward; all things we use daily today.We’re so grateful for our time and ongoing sessions with Aloka; We can only reccomend others to be part of the life changing work she does. Thank you very much for this.” Elisa & Kyle